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Student training and workshops

Bioklone Biotech Private Limited conducts workshops and offers in-plant training to college students on various laboratory techniques pertaining to Animal Cell Culture, Molecular Biology, Protein Biochemistry and Immunology including Hybridoma Technology for development of monoclonal antibodies using laboratory animals. The firm’s excellent animal house and animal cell culture facilities provide the students with highly inspiring research ambience in addition to giving them an exposure to an industry environment. Training is offered throughout the year but the number of students enrolling for the programme is maximum during the summer and winter breaks. The duration of the training varies from ten days to three weeks based on the programme offered. Students are given certificates on successful completion of the course. Bioklone has entered into Memorandum of Agreements with various colleges and universities to provide training on laboratory skills as well as to facilitate students to undertake projects to fulfill the criteria for their B. Tech, M. Sc or M. Tech programmes.


The firm allows students to carry out projects on various novel research areas. Project duration varies from one month to one year based on the student’s needs. Highly qualified and experienced scientists at Bioklone Biotech provide excellent and continuous guidance to the project students.