This is to appreciate the services rendered by Bioklone. We and others at Department of Biological Sciences (TIFR, Mumbai) have received very good quality services of monoclonal/polyclonal antibody supplies prepared by Bioklone for a variety of antigenic systems. The services have been always prompt, highly interactive and end-user- centric.

Dr. B.J.Rao
Dr. B.J.Rao,Department of Biological SciencesMumbai 400 005Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

I have had a wonderful experience with Bioklone. It is unusual in my experience to have someone who is intensely engaged and works with you (or more accurately, with my student and me) in generating reagents in a timely fashion. Without Bioklone’s services, we would not have had the monoclonal antibody, absolutely essential for our work which will soon be submitted for publication. I highly recommend Bioklone and plan to use their services for every single antibody we will make in the future.

Dr. Sandhya Koushika
Dr. Sandhya KoushikaBellary Road, Bangalore - 560 065National Centre for Biological Sciences,

We are very pleased to declare that Bioklone, Chennai, has provided us with superb services regarding antibody generation and supply. We have been dealing with Bioklone for some years now, and have received several monoclonal antibodies through them. Their interactive approach, where a student can interface with the primary clones to select the best for our purpose, has been an excellent provision. The success rate and the great speed of delivery are other great attributes for Bioklone. I would strongly recommend Bioklone to any researcher or industry that is looking for antibody related service.

Dr. Shobhona Sharma
Dr. Shobhona Sharma Ph.D, F.A.Sc,Department of Biological SciencesMumbai 400 005Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

We have been procuring antibodies from Bioklone for the past year or so.We are extremely satisfied by the services rendered by them. For antibodies where suitable commercial ones are unavailable, Bioklone strives to generate them by working in close coordination with the end user. They are responsive and pro-active; interact as partners in the scientific process, respond promptly to phone calls, emails and give thoughtful answers. It is like having highly competent and friendly collaborators who are equally vested in the success of the project.  We look forward to working with them in the coming years for generation of many high end antibodies.

Dr. Shubha Tole
Dr. Shubha Tole ,Department of Biological Sciences Mumbai 400 005Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

We have been using the services of Bioklone for more than a year.We have raised polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to our specific antigens. We are extremely satisfied by the services rendered by them. They have been prompt and pro-active and have always tried to keep to the deadlines. On occasions they have gone beyond the agreement to help in validating the antibodies. We will use their services in future as well.

Dr. T. Rajkumar
Dr. T. Rajkumar,Professor and Head,Dept of Molecular OncologyChennai-600020, INDIA.Cancer Institute (WIA)